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  • How do I sell my Vehicle?
    Fill out the form provided on this website or contact us via the call back service or telephone number. We will then give you an estimated quote for your vehicle. If you choose to accept the offer we will then arrange a time and day for collection most suited to you. Normally same day collection service.
  • I have lost the keys, can i still sell it?
    Yes, but we will ask you to provide the right documents to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle. You will also need to provide the location of the vehicle so we can send a transporter suitable for road size. Try to include pictures so we can view the best method of collection.
  • I don’t have the Logbook/V5 doc for my vehicle.
    Yes, but you will have to provide correct photographic identification to prove you are the owner of the vehicle. Inc utility bill with the same address as photo I.D, we will take a copy of this.
  • My car has been written off/severely damaged, would you still be interested in buying it?
    Yes, we buy cars in any state. Pictures may help us to give you an accurate quote if you can provide them.
  • Does my vehicle need to be complete before I sell it on to you?
    We do not have a problem if you would like to remove small parts ie: Radio, or interior parts. If you have any questions please contact us via email. Anything like removing the wheels will decrease the value of the car.
  • What do I need to do before and after collection?
    You will need to clear your vehicle out of all your personal belongings. You will need to provide the driver collecting the vehicle with the logbook and all other documents to help with the processing, if you do not have it then you must provide the driver with photographic evidence ie: passport or driving licence inc utility bill.
  • When should I notify the DVLA?
    All the information is provided on the rear of section 9 (the yellow part) of the cars log book (V5). Link to DVLA:
  • Can I claim back my car tax once you have collected the vehicle?
    Yes, if you visit the DVLA website it will give you more information, there are no forms to fill in no more its all automatic after they receive your change of keeper notification, the fasted way is online heres the link
  • Why is it the best option to sell my car to you?
    Hassle free, quick and simple. We do not charge you for collection, we will pay you a fair price, one at which you are happy with and we can collect the same day, so if your broken down road side instead of getting charged to be recovered home, we can collect it from you there and then and you will receive payment depending on the documents you have. PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE WILL ALLOCATE YOU A FAST COLLECTION TIME SO YOUR CAR IS OFF THE ROAD ASAP.
  • Can I call for a quote or information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
    Only emails 24 hours a day, we will provide a 24 hour phone line once you have booked collection, other wise our telephone lines are open 8:00am-6:30pm from Monday-Saturday. You can press selection 3 and leave us a voice mail, or fill out the call back service.
  • Do I have to wait at home for you to collect my car?
    No, we can arrange for you to leave all necessary documents and keys somewhere so we can collect it at any time. We can also collect it from your work place or from a family member.
  • What do you mean by 'subject to viewing' ?
    valuations we give via telephone may not be a definite price, on collection of the vehicle a team member will confirm the condition and give you a valid valuation, this could mean either the first valuation will be increased or in some cases decreased. To avoid this, all information about the vehicles condition must be given.
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